I am a fairly new Full-Stack Developer, as I have really only been attempting it professionally for a few months.

However, I have been working with and manipulating code in one way or another since I was in high school and took my first HTML class. Since then I have been tried to research development problems in an effort to solve any question or problem I may have.

Currently, I find that I most enjoy working with Front-End development and utilizing both full CSS and Wordpress to create full responsive websites.

One big thing to note is that I am always learning. If I come to something I don't know how to do (both personally and professionally) then I am searching for instructions, examples and tutorials to obtain desired results.

With my background in general Technical Support I find there is no technological problem that I am unable to tackle.

Front-end Web development

Front-end Web development is really my "Bread and Butter" currently. Most everything I do is on the front end using HTML and Styling tools. While I am familiar familiar with quite a few backend technology I am still in the process of learning how to utilize this code to its best ability.

My current experience and skills in front-end include:

  • Using CSS to
  • Not only writing CSS from Scratch but editing pre-written CSS to give FULL customization of appearance of a site.
  • Using libraries like Bootstrap and Googles Materialize to make styling a site completely responsive to a clients needs or wants.
  • Knowledge and Utilization of JavaScript and JQuery to add site functionality as well as make add some more in-depth features.