About Me

I am an aspiring Full-Stack Developer with several years of Technology and customer support experience.

I am college educated and absolutely in love with technology. I feel that technology is a major part of my life as it is a major asset to everything I do.

Because of that, I like strive to improve the lives of the people around me through technology. It isn't something to be afraid of. It isn't something to be timid around. I love how technology has made my life easier and enjoy using technology to make other's lives easier as well

On a more personal note, I have always been from the midwest and have always been fortunate to call Missouri home. I grew up in the country and love the outdoors as well as being in nature. I currently reside in Kansas City with my wife (Shelley) and our Dog (Magnus). In my spare time, my wife and I love to travel. our Ideal trip is a long road trip with plenty of random stops, hours of Spotify playlists and seeing new things.

As I continue to develop and learn through my coding Bootcamp I will be updating my site to to include new skills I have learned.

Ryan and Shelley

If you have any Questions for me, please, visit my Contact page as I would love to hear from you!